Exciting News

New and exciting things are happening at Lunar Allstars and Maryland Vipers! We are proud to finally announce that Lunar Allstars and Maryland Vipers, two of the top Allstar Cheerleading programs in Maryland are joining forces to create one of the strongest, most competitive and family-oriented Allstar Cheerleading programs in our area!
Owners, Tracy Unkart, Misti Pruski, Mark Crane and Tom Judy have teamed up to compete under the United States Allstar Federation as Lunar Viper Allstars!!! This incredible partnership will create wonderful opportunities for our athletes and their families to continue to train and grow with some of the most amazing and qualified staff in our industry while still maintaining a family-oriented environment!
We changed our name, not our focus!

Please submit your information if you are interested in Lunar Viper Allstars!Someone will be in touch soon.